Photo competition 2015

Fascination of Plants Day is a global initiative with events held in over 50 countries to promote the importance of plants at many levels. There will be a number of events in Ireland including a photo competition (there were over 360 submissions in 2013!). Entries are invited from anyone in Ireland (the winners will receive tickets to Bloom).

Submit your best photographs:

Photographs eligible:
·         Plants (including mosses, ferns, gymnosperms and flowering plants), seaweeds and other algae
·         May be of alien, non-native, naturalised or native plant species and may be taken in Ireland or abroad
·         May be of the whole plant or part of the plant e.g. flowers, cones, seeds, fruits, berries, leaves, bark, etc

Categories are based on age group:
·         (1) 0-9 years
·         (2) 10-18 years
·         (3) 18+
·         If you enter within category 1 or 2 you must include your date of birth with your submission
·         There will be a winner and runner up for each of the 3 categories

Submit your best photos of plants:
·         E-mail your images (maximum 2 per person) as an attachment to with ‘Plant photo’ as the subject
·         Deadline: April 25th 2015-03-12 Include: image title(s), your contact details, and date of birth (if under 18). 

And the winners are.......tatatatadah..........!!!!!!!

0–9 years:
1. Winner: Siobhan Kerans, Cabbage stars

2. Runner up: Rosemary Murphy, Blue flora

3. Highly commended: Joshua, 1st class Scoil Chroi Iosa, Blossom

4. Highly commended: Conall Reilly, Tigers eye

10–18 years:
 5.  Winner: Sapphire Guilfoyle, Mossy

6. Runner up: Emily O'Shea, Gunnera

7. Highly commended: Leon Murphy, Raindrops

8. Winner: Kate Flood, Hardy Geranium
9. Runner up: Veronika Straberger, Kerry gold
10. Highly commended:  Galina Brychkova, Survivor

11. Highly commended: Mairead Crawford, Standing tall

But the judges had a reeeeeeaaaaaaaallllly hard time! (thank you judges!!!!) All the submitted photos were great and were combined on 4 posters and exhibited: 


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